Lisa Rae Music Studios, LLC
Good Teachers, Great Lessons, Happy Students!
Unique to Lisa Rae Music Studios!  Flexible Scheduling Lesson Packages
    - Purchase lesson time blocks from 3.5 to 25.0 hours.  Private lessons run continuously
      throughout the year so there's a package for every project - from "just a few lessons" for
      an upcoming audition or the serious musician.  Time works like "prepaid minutes"
      Purchase additional lesson hours anytime.

   - Schedule as 30 45, 60 minute or longer weekly, bi-weekly or "Flexible" lessons

   - Utilize your lesson time with any instructor, on any instrument, and at any Lisa Rae
     Music Studios, LLC location.  All lessons, instructors, locations and instruments are
     based on the same hourly rate.  Share your lesson time with a friend or relative.

NEW for 2009!  Group Vocal Classes  Supplement your individual voice lessons while having fun singing with your friends.  Learn contemporary, spirituals, musicals, jazz, gospel, folk, pop, seasonal, and foreign language songs.  Watch the videos of our classes in action!
    STARS & STRIPES (Grades K-6)
    ANGELS (Grades 7 to 12)
    SARABANDERS (Adults)

Take Lessons - Save Money! Pre-payment discounts and montly budget billing plans are available for private lesson packages greater than 7.5 hours.  Save time and avoid late charges by using your bank’s online bill payment services to automatically pay for lessons. We accept cash, checks, credit cards, money orders & PAYPAL Electronic payments.  

Bring out the best in every student! Registered students are invited to participate in  optional performance opportunities including studio-wide recitals, holiday shows, professional evaluations, Music Clubs Festivals, & competitions. Our instructors work with your favorite songs from the classics, jazz, seasonal, musicals, and faith-based repertoire. 

Do Rae Mi Press Online - Read about your friends and their musical achievements in the studio’s newsletter. Each edition features one outstanding student.  Keep up to date on the latest studio events and performance opportunities.  Enjoy discounts on tickets to local music events & services available to LRMS students.

Children and Adult Students with Special Needs are always welcome!

Scholarship Programs and 3rd Party Funding - CALL FOR DETAILS
PGH OFFICES  412-638-7598  TOLL FREE  888-LISA RAE