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CANCELED CLASSES: Scheduled classes must be canceled with a minimum of a full 24 hours of prior notification regardless of circumstance (Incl. illness, sports, social activities, work, school, medical, child & pet care, transportation, weather or forgetfulness). 

LRMS make every effort to accommodate a student’s 1st preference subject to space and instructor availability. A class with fewer than the minimum registered students or without an instrument specific instructor may be canceled and a full refund issued .  LRMS reserves the right to limit the amount of makeup time available even with advance notification.

PAYMENTS: Full payment and / or first budget payment is due no later than 5 days prior to the start of classes and processed in the order received. Full tuition refunds are available (minus a $25 service fee) provided the studio is notified of withdrawal no later than 48 hours after the start of the 1st class. No refunds of money or a decrease in package time are available beyond 48 hours of the 1st class meeting.

Student accepts full responsibility for the TOTAL PAYMENT indicated. Additional lesson time, books & materials, in-home travel charges and / or special event fees not included in the package price are billed separately.

CHILD SUPERVISION: Children must be supervised by an adult (other than the instructor) at all times and remain in the designated areas. A parent or caregiver (not the instructor) is responsible for the cleanup and care of their child in the event of sudden illness, toilet training issues, etc. Please do not bring your child to class when he or she is sick; they should be fever free for at least 24-hours.

VIDEO RELEASE: I have read and understood the studio policy. I hereby give permission to Lisa Rae Music Studios, LLC to take photographs and video recordings of my child, or me, or both of us together, and use them in printed or video formats for advertising and educational purposes. The photographs and video recordings may be edited at the sole discretion of Lisa Rae Music Studios, LLC. I expressly release Music Together, Lisa Rae Music Studios, LLC, its agents and employees from all claims that I have or may have. These claims include, but are not limited to invasion of privacy, defamation, or any other cause of action arising out of exhibition or distribution of any materials in which my child or I appear.
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